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Welcome to your best connecting rod source for information, rod specifications, discount prices and technical evaluation on our huge selection of engine rods.

Modern performance engine parts are subjected to much higher torque and horsepower levels than ever. The good news is that con rod technology has advanced dramatically and current designs are up to the task. The improvements in metallurgy and machining techniques and machinery have made the best rods ever available in a wide range of styles that will fit most budgets.

Our goal is to provide you great discount prices and fast shipping on a wide variety of top quality connecting rods, along with the information and specifications you need to choose the best parts for your engine project.

Connecting Rod Sets for High Performance & Racing Engines

Rods for high performance and racing engines are available in many different designs, applications and materials. A restored muscle car places far different demands on parts than a high rpm motorcycle engine does. We offer a huge selection of different products to cover a large variety of different engine applications and requirements.

The most popular types are the I beam and H beam, but there are many others. These aftermarket parts are made from many different materials such as 5140 steel, 4340 steel, aluminum and even titanium. The style, material, dimensions and fasteners are all chosen based on the intended use. Piston rods are one of the most highly stressed components in an internal combustion engine. To insure maximum performance and reliability the best parts possible for your application should be chosen.

 Selecting Connecting Rods

Selecting the proper connecting rod for your intended use is critical to building an engine that will provide superior performance and reliability. To make a decision as to what is the best choice for your engine project you have to consider many things. Variables such as the way the engine will be used, intended rpm range, power level, racing class rules and the budget for your project all come into play. It is always best to go with a stronger than needed part as choosing an item that is barely adequate for the job will often lead to problems.

Supercharged, Nitrous or Turbo Engines

Another very critical item to consider is if you will be using a power adder on your engine. The use of a supercharger, turbo or NOS is more common today than ever before. Each of these power adders increases the loads that your rotating assembly parts must be able to withstand. We offer a wide range of con rods that are designed to stand up to the unique demands of nitrous, turbocharged and supercharged engines.


We sell a wide range of connecting rods from the best quality manufacturers in the industry. We have performance parts available for everything from a high performance street car to all out competition vehicles. If you do not see the items you need for your project or if you have application questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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